Once you try Sugaring Hair Removal, you will never go waxing again.  Sugar does not adhere to live skin cells.  There is less discomfort for you and less trauma to your skin.  Sugaring only removes the hair and dead skin cells, which exfoliates the skin.

Sugar paste is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. Sugaring is a paste that is applied at body temperature and will not burn your skin.  Sugaring is an ancient middle eastern practice dating back to 1900 BC.


The Sugar hair removal paste is made with all natural ingredients, using only sugar, lemon juice, and water.        There are no toxins, resins, waxes or parabens.

Benefits are of the following: 

  • Water Soluble

  • Sugar is Bacteria Resistant

  • Safe for All Skin Conditions

  • Minimal Discomfort or Irritation

  • Improves Tone & Texture of Skin

  • Safely Removes Hair From Follicle

  • Does Not Adhere to Live Skin Cells

  • Superior, Healthy & Hairless Results

  • Does Not Adhere to Live Skin Cells

  • Helps to Significantly Decrease Ingrown Hairs

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